Racing returns to Redwood Acres

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – For the first time in months, Redwood Acres Raceway was no longer quiet.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the race was live-streamed, but local race fans finally saw some racing at Redwood Acres online. Drivers and pit crew members were required to wear masks and social distance.

Six divisions of racing competed in front of empty stands. Despite the lack of energy from the crowd, drivers were happy to be back on the track.

Listed are the results from the six divisions.

  1. Kadence Mace
  2. Aiden Kimberling
  3. Quinten Ikeya


  1. Brandon White
  2. Donnie Brown
  3. Bridget Steeves

Late Models

  1. David Miller
  2. Dustin Walters
  3. David Henderson


  1. Chris Lawrence
  2. Dane Nissen
  3. Tyler Krupa

Mini Stocks

  1. Brett Murrell 
  2. Jarrett Mayo
  3. Gary Klientobe

Road Runners

  1. Jeremiah Martin
  2. Bryan Brandt
  3. JR Brandt