Education at work program, Recruiting volunteer speakers

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-The Education at Work Program at the Humboldt County Office of Education is currently recruiting volunteer speakers who are interested in sharing their expertise, knowledge or a talent with high school or college students in a virtual setting. 

According to the office of education that program is a way to introduce students to new topics.

Karline Skoglund is the program manager for the Humboldt County Office of Education.

This year with school in a virtual environment possibly, she says they are looking to support teachers and educators and to bring in guest speakers into their virtual classes, according to Skoglund. The lessons can cover any topic deemed educational.

“With the unknown coming-up this fall and possibly throughout the school year, we want to call on the community members, we want to give those educators resources to be able to call on our local talent,” she said.

The ultimate goal is to have an online directory for educators from a compiled list of talent that will allow teachers the ability to contact and invite into their classes through their distance learning platforms.

Community Outreach Program Coordinator Jim Ritter, has been the force behind this new program and has partnered with the chambers and rotary clubs. 

Possible categories available could be career, college and university insight, educational lessons, job readiness skills and information about a hobby or interest.

A sign-up form and more information and be found on by clicking here.