CARES funding helps to expand Yurok Tribe’s internet provider coverage

Photo Courtesy of Yurok Tribe: Walter Hoffman stands near Yurok Connect infrastructure.

KLAMATH, Calif. (KIEM) – Several Yurok family homes have never had access to internet, but with help from CARES funding that will soon change.

The Yurok Tribe launched an extensive broadband project roughly 10 months ago to extend services in the Klamath and Weitchpec areas.

Through partnerships, the IT department was able to secure several grants that would gradually expand Yurok Connect’s coverage which is the Yurok Tribe owned internet service provider.

However, with the recently approved $2.1 million from the CARES Act, Yurok Connect will be able to upgrade its service infrastructure by the end of the year.

With several community members unable to access healthcare providers, Yurok government offices experiencing slow internet and students shifting to online learning, Yurok Chairman Joseph James says this project is a game changer for the Yurok Tribe.

Once the broadband project is complete, Yurok Connect will offer one gigabit per second service, which is several times faster than what is currently offered.

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