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Woman rescued from Humboldt Bay, Taken away in cuffs by EPD

*UPDATED 07/27/2020

UPDATE: According to the Eureka Police Department, The woman taken away in cuffs Saturday off Woodley Island has been identified as 41-year-old Kelly Mattern.

At about 11:30 on Saturday morning the Eureka Police Department received a call about a female acting erratic and swimming in the bay. As precautionary measure, Humboldt Bay Fire was requested in case a water rescue was needed. First responders arrived to a female laying by a dock, under the influence. She was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the Humboldt County Jail.

EPD added, no rescue was needed.

WOODLEY ISLAND, Calif. (KIEM)-Police and fire fighters were dispatched to a water rescue at Woodley Island Marina Saturday afternoon.  

According to a witness on scene, the woman entered the water off the marina, she then got out of the water, but then returned back in to the bay.  

Eureka police, Humboldt Bay Fire and an ambulance all reported to the incident.  

According to that same witness, the rescued woman was treated at the scene, then led off in handcuffs. 

Whether she was taken away in an ambulance or police cruiser is unknown at this time.   

This is a developing story, follow-us on-air and online for updates related to this story. 

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