Chamber of commerce has new president, Ready to step-up in new role


FERNDALE, Calif. (KIEM)-From the family dairy to now, president of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce, long-time resident Thomas Nicholson Stratton is ready to hit the ground running.  

“What were are really trying to do is, as part of the executive team and the entire board, is to make sure that Ferndale is ready for when people are ready to return and visit Ferndale,” he said. “And we’ve had two different clean-up days, cleaning up the streets and weeds, different debris that is out and about.

“It’s really worked out well to have lots of members, as well as individuals. Just helping as volunteers for the chamber. “

Ferndale businesses rely on tourism dollars to keep their community thriving, especially during the winter season, when the influx of outside visitors slows.

Nicholson Stratton says, a clean-up crew called the “Sparkle Squad” has helped beautify the City of Ferndale.

The “Squad” is comprised of young volunteers, who get together, every Sunday.

Their goal is to pick a block, and clean-up any debris or unsightly vegetation such as weeds or overgrown grass.

Nicholson Stratton says, he is ready to take on his new role.

“You know, I’ve always taken leadership positions in my lifetime and I really enjoy to be able to represent people, here in Ferndale, is no different,” he said. “Being able to be the president and represent everyone, and bringing folks together to accomplish greatness is something that we can do, and accomplish in Ferndale every day.

“So I am very excited to represent those business owners, and individuals that want to support main street Ferndale.”

Nicholson Stratton says, membership, sponsorship and volunteerism is always needed, and all ideas and unique skills are welcome.

The Ferndale Chamber of Commerce is completely volunteer run.