7 cases of Covid-19 reported Monday, 3 false positives removed from total case count

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — The Public Health Department confirms 7 new cases of Covid-19 Monday. Three previous cases were determined to be false positives and have since been removed from county data.

The total case count for Humboldt County is now 286. The county’s alert level remains at level 3.

Since last week, 25 more case has been reported in northern Humboldt and 25 more in the greater Humboldt Bay area. The number of cases in southern Humboldt remains unchanged. There have been 20 more recoveries reported bringing that number to 233.

As far as the age breakdown of cases, the biggest weekly increase has been among people under the age of 20 with 19 new cases reported in that age group. People in their 30’s saw the second largest weekly increase with 10 new cases reported. 10 more people in their 30’s and 7 more people in their 60’s have tested positive. For the first time in weeks, 2 more people in their 70’s have tested positive for the virus.

Of the total cases, 161 had contact to a known case, 70 are travel related, and 43 are a result of community transmission. There are currently 12 cases under investigation.