4 new COVID-19 cases, Mini-Mart employees exposed on reservation


HOOPA VALLEY, Calif. (KIEM)-The Hoopa Valley Operation of Emergency Services Wednesday reported 4 new COVID-19 cases bringing their total confirmed cases to 30.

The age range of those who’ve tested positive is 15-months to 67-years-old.

27 cases remain active and a total of 3 recoveries have been reported with 0 deaths.

Deputy Incident Commander Wendy “Poppy” Ferris-George says, there is assistance available for those in isolation or in quarantine.

“In isolation are those who tested positive, those who are quarantined have been exposed,” said Ferris-George. “Our IC (incident command) team currently is reaching out to those needing assistance and we’re delivering food supplies directly to their homes, so that way they do not have to leave their home or feel the need to have to go out into the public for any reason.”

Officials with Hoopa OES urge community members to follow restrictions ordered by the Hoopa Valley Tribal Counsel.

Staff from K’ima:w Medical Center highly recommend those who’ve been notified of possible exposure to immediately get tested.

Contact tracing is under way, with additional Tribal members currently being trained by John Hopkins University which will allow for additional support.

Statistics from a medical center normally would go to the county in which they, then, would add to their data.

However, Hoopa OES is releasing their own stats for added security, and to make the numbers more readily and quickly available to their community.

“We have established a hotline that they can call into, we don’t need to know their name. They are issued a medical number when they leave K’ima:w and our runners drop supplies outside at the property,” she said. “So, we’re reaching out to the community to say if there are additional needs met we’re here.”

Staff will follow-up with those who’ve left messages.

Health officials say employees at the Hoopa Mini-mart have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive cases and have a plan in place for this particular incident.

Questions and requests for assistance can be done by calling (530) 625-8100.