COVID-19 management team takes lead on reservation, No new cases reported today


HOOPA VALLEY, Calif. (KIEM)-Good news to report out of the Hoopa Office of Emergency Services, there are no new COVID-19 cases reported today, leaving their total confirmed cases to 42, 24 cases remain active with 18 recoveries and 0 deaths.  

These statistics are the latest testing performed at Kima:w Medical Center.  

Hoopa Valley OES has stepped up and taken the lead in an unprecedented time for their community, according to Hoopa Valley’s Fire Chief Gregory Moon.   

“If we have a box this big to work in were going to do our best to work in that box,” said Moon.  

According to Moon, their tribal government was not set up for a pandemic or an emergency of this level, despite that fact, Hoopa OES has decided to collect and disseminate their own COVID-19 stats as a way to remain transparent.  

And, to allow for their community members to have their test results more readily available and returned more expeditiously.   

“In order to produce for the community and for the counsel those processes need to be streamlined and were finding that out,” said Moon.  

Allie Hostler is operation Chief for the Hoopa COVID-19 management team.  

“We also served about approximately 12 families via the hotline and have come up with a standard operating procedure for task,” she said.  

Food boxes are now being moved to K’ima:w Medical center for isolated and quarantined patients.  

“I also want to prioritize with logistics to for the garbage plan for the isolated and quarantine families today,” said Holster.  

EOS staff put out a message asking anyone from the community interested in taking on that duty, should reach out to Hoopa Fire & OES.  

Over the weekend, a catering plan was finalized for community members temporarily living in a motel while in quarantine.  

“We’ll continue to provide resources quarantined community members via the patient hotline,” she said.  

Safety Officer Abraham Camez III with the Hoopa COVID-19 says, they’ve been able to serve more than 200 families.  

“220 households were serviced by the PPE we distributed into the community,” he said.  

According to Camez, community members have called in concerned about possible exposure, he clarifies with information provided by both the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention.  

“To be concerned about exposure, you have to be in that 6 foot bubble for an extended period of time, 15 minutes or more,” he said.     

For now Camez says, a safety officer will continue to provide support to Tribal entities and businesses through education, and PPE as needed.  

“I will continue to work on the safety waivers as they come in,” he said. “And start working again, on the department reopening safety plans.” 

Another PPE give-away is being held Monday until 7 p.m. at the farmer’s market in Hoopa.   

Hoopa officials say the best way report and receive information is through the COVID-19 hotline at (530) 625-8100.
For the next PPE distribution event, community members can call or text that number.  

Staff with Hoopa OES stress messages left on their social media pages will go unanswered as the page is not monitored, the hotline was established for all COVID-19 related information, guidance, queries and for request of supplies.