Law officials warn against scam; Residents advised to not block emergency alert

DEL NORTE COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office and the Crescent City Police Department warn Del Norte residents, phone scammers are making their rounds masquerading as local law enforcement.  

The callers are claiming to be calling on behalf of both the sheriff’s office and Crescent City PD.  

According to the sheriff’s office, they’ve been contacted by businesses who have reported being asked for specific information, such as the amount of cash kept in registers and current staffing levels.  

Law officials want to stress they are not making these phone calls, these callers are imposters and likely have criminal intent, according to the sheriff’s office.  

And in a twist, an alert warning the public of the scam was blocked by concerned residents who thought the number was coming from a scam caller.  

Redwood news spoke to Crescent City’s Police Chief Richard Griffin, he says, a business owner called the police station to verify the caller’s identity.   

“So they were actually calling in to make sure it was an officer. The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call earlier in the day from another business. The got call about a person impersonating a deputy sheriff. If for some reason you needed information like that, I don’t see why we would, we would meet in person.  

“Again, use a little bit of common sense when you’re talking to people on the phone. I know there’s scams out there requesting money for warrants to go away. Make sure you write the number it’s coming from, and always confirm with dispatch center if you are actually talking to an officer.”  

Police say, do not block phone number 707-464-0911, that number is coming from the Emergency Alert System number. Anytime this number appears on your caller ID, it’s the system notifying the public of an emergency in the affected area.  

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