Mayor back from vacation, Talks students return to campus in her weekly address


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-Mayor Susan Seaman is back from what was supposed to be her annual trip to the Bay Area to watch baseball with friends – this year to adhere to county orders, she vacationed in Humboldt County. 

“Like many of you, our summer is not what we expected – and we’re not just missing out-of-the-area vacations, but even the simple pleasures of a local Humboldt Crabs or B52 Baseball Game,” she said. “Still, I was able to join him for the week off and we played tourist in our own community. I never get tired of the beauty of our area and – after running into a bear on one of the trails – it also continues to surprise me.” 

Mayor Susan Seaman says, she was able to unplug and come back refreshed.  

She addressed the controversy surrounding Humboldt State University’s decision to open their campus to students, in her weekly address.  

As the public continue to debate the safety of students back on campus- especially, those from out-of-town, Mayor Susan Seaman says, the decision has been made. 

She says, out-of-state students bring with them culture, curiosity and potential.  

“Unfortunately, the message they’re hearing from the community this year is that their potential is as the carrier of a virus,” she said. “Yes, we want our community to stay safe and we want our students to practice the same strategies we use to keep everyone safe from COVID 19. 

“Perhaps the best way to encourage that, is not by ostracizing them, but by helping them realize that they are not outsiders. They are a valuable part of our community.”