CRV buyback resumes with adjusted times


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-Humboldt Waste Management Authority’s Eureka Recycling Center will resume CRV buyback redemption services, beginning Tuesday.  

It’s part of their phased re-opening approach amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to HWMA’s executive director Jill Duffy.  

“We been working on resuming CRV buybacks for a while, traffic is beginning to decrease at the transfer station in terms of inbound,” she said. “So, now we have staff that we can assign to the CRV over to the Eureka Recycling to help process the CRV buy back.” 

The Eureka Recycling Center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – with time set aside for seniors and people who are immunocompromised from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.  

Significant demand for buyback services is expected – customers must arrive with their CRV materials presorted, wear a face covering and maintain social distancing -sanitizer is available for customer use.   

Cal-recycle has set daily load limits of empty aluminum and plastic containers to 100-pounds each, not to exceed 200 pounds total, and one-thousand-pound for glass, per person. 

Duffy says, there’s excitement in the air.  

“A lot of our employees are pretty excited about because we too have been collecting CRV buybacks,” Duffy said. “We have a lot of material that we’re all holding.”  

“We’ve been storing our stuff for the last month,” said Humboldt County resident Gabriel Waterhouse. “We live in the county, it’s nice to get away from the commingle drop-off on the dump side.” 

The Eureka Recycling Center is closed Sunday & Monday, for more information call (707) 268-8680. 

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