Dr. Frankovich addresses the community following her resignation

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — The Humboldt community is still reeling after the resignation of county health officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich. After the announcement, she spoke to the public more about what this means moving forward.

“I want to be really clear, I remain the health officer and I will until we recruit someone into this position. At that point, I will work with the new health officer on transitioning and then continuing to support that role,” Frankovich says.

According to Frankovich, the decision to resign boils down to family needs, as well as the projected timeline of Covid-19 and the time that needs to be dedicated to it.  

Despite being the target of negative comments and accusations, Frankovich is adamant that no bully could make her leave the position. She also says she has not received any threats while in her role as county health officer.  

She added how much she has appreciated all the support she and her team have received over the course of the pandemic. When asked about who she would want to replace her, this is what she had to say.

“I happen to know there are a lot of talented physicians in this community, and I would certainly welcome any of them to step forward and take this on knowing that Dr. Ennis and I will be there to help support the work that they do. In general, it just really comes down to someone who wants to serve the community,” Frankovich says.