Non-profit & local businesses join forces to support local youth

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) -This month, big brothers big sisters agencies across the U.S. will be celebrating big brothers big sisters month, including right here in Humboldt.

Florence parks is the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast.

“This is the first year that we’re participating in celebrating Big Brothers Big Sisters Month,” said Parks. “We’re highlighting the Hispanic Heritage Month and also just acknowledging all the investments that Big Brothers Big Sisters has made in the last 100 years.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters month recognizes the importance of mentoring relationships, especially now, according to Parks.

Most children and families served by Big Brother Big Sister agencies face increased anxiety, stress and economic hardship due to the pandemic.

Parks says, their focus is on recruitment and fundraising.

“We;re partnering up with local businesses Tuesday to join us to help raise funds, resources and awareness, not only for recruiting “Bigs” which is our most important endeavor but also for sustaining mentoring in our community,” she said. “You can join in Arcata at the Thai House.

“Anything you purchase from there, if you say you’re with Big Brother Big Sisters they’ll donate a portion of those sales.”

More information on how to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast can be found by clicking here.