City of Arcata Receives Spanish Translation Grant

ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM) – The City of Arcata has been awarded a grant to help Spanish speaking community members be informed with translations starting with emergency services.

Back in October of last year when Humboldt County experienced PG&E public safety power shutoffs, Humboldt County emergency alerts were only available in English.

Brought to the public’s attention in an article posted in the El Lenador, the English and Spanish newspaper produced by Humboldt State University students, the City of Arcata sought to change this and received a grant from the National League of Cities Leadership in Community Resilience program.

Translations started last week starting with CodeRED emergency notifications by the City of Arcata’s Spanish translator and interpreter Laura Munoz

Gillen Martin, the city of Arcata’s National Hometown Fellow Leader for America wrote the grant and says, “The more robust, inclusive and equitable the culture of emergency preparedness is in Arcata the easier disaster response will be.”