Red Salmon Complex grows to more than 95,000 acres, national forest closures extended

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) –Based on the latest infrared data, the Red Salmon Complex Fire has burnt more than 95,000 acres and is only 18% contained.

Fire in the Know-nothing Creek and Poverty Gulch Creek is causing the fire to start in the northeastern portion of the complex, and crews want to prevent any spread north toward Salmon River Road.

Bull-dozer lines along Holster Ridge to Tish Tang Ridge will act as a primary line for crews to contain the fire east of the Hoopa Valley Reservation.

At this time, an evacuation order remains in effect for Forks of Salmon. There are currently no evacuations for the Hoopa Valley Reservation.

The Forest Service has extended the emergency closure of all National Forests through Monday.