Hoopa Valley alarm system under repair, No Evacuation order for now


HUMBOLDT, Cali. (KIEM)-What was supposed to be a test of the Hoopa Valley Alarm System – was mistaken for the real thing Tuesday, when the company hired to fix a mother board inadvertently triggered a real alarm in the Campbell Field Area.

According to Hoopa’s Chief & Incident Commander Gregory Moon, their alarm system is under repair.

When the equipment was taken to Six Rivers Communication’s shop in Eureka it was tested – but because the system is wireless – the signal set off Hoopa’s Emergency warning device.

Moon says, the alarm caused some residents to panic and calls flooded the Hoopa office of emergency services and the Tribal Council phone lines.

Hoopa officials were able to send a message to their community and reassure their residents.

Normally – testing is announced ahead of time.

Again, and the evacuation plan has not been activated, and there is no evacuation order for the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation at this time, refer to Hoopa OES for updates.