HACHR continues operations despite loss of support from the Eureka City Council

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) — The Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction continues with its mission despite the Eureka City Council’s loss of confidence in the organization’s syringe exchange program.

HACHR says they are in close communication with interim city manager, Miles Slattery, and others in city administration. HACHR says its goal is to continue providing lifesaving services, while also better addressing the concerns of neighbors.

This all comes after the council repealed a 2016 resolution adopted in support of HACHR and replaced it with another resolution supporting syringe exchange programs without identifying a specific program. The council then wrote a letter opposing the state’s re-authorization of HACHR’s syringe exchange program.

“This letter could play a part in persuading the California Department of Health to not renew HACHR’s certification, but should the State Department choose to renew their certification, the city does not have the authority to override that. This does not mean that these actions were futile. They help clarify the expectations of Council to HACHR and the public,” Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman says.

Going forward, HACHR says it looks forward to working with the city for a healthier and safer community.

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