Senior dog found without owner has chance at new life


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-After going through a tragedy, a senior dog has a chance at a new life.

“So, it started off not so great of a story, it was actually quite sad,” Samantha Karges who is the public information officer -with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

On September 15th, just before 5:30 p.m., a dog was discovered in an abandoned vehicle on the side of a road, and had been there for several days.

“A passerby in the area of 254 in Francis Grove Lane in Miranda, noticed a vehicle that had been in the area for some time,” she said.

The dog, who goes by the name Banks, was found by a passerby named Aimee- she called the sheriff’s office – it was upwards of 90-degrees that day.

“It was suspicious because there was a dog inside the car, a lot of personal belongings in the car,” Karges said.  

The owner was nowhere to be found – it was later discovered the owner had passed away.

“That’s where this story gets a little bit better – is the dog was able to come back to the animal shelter,” she said.

Animal Control and Facilities Manager Andre Hale works at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter.

“It was determined, it took a couple days’ worth of conversation, that it wasn’t going to be the best for him to go to the family members, they live too far away,” said Hale.

They say, Banks is about 15-years-old – and requested he be placed in a loving home to spend his golden years – right here in Humboldt. However, given his age the odds of him being adopted quickly was not great.

“Puppies are little easier to adopt, but the older ones are a little bit harder,” said Hale.

This case was different – the shelter’s assistant Jeanette, remembered an approved owner who wanted a dog – just like Banks.

It was love at first sight for Banks and Six Rivers Brewery Co-Owner Meredith Maier -who says -newly named, Mr. banks- is a perfect addition to her family. Especially since one of her dogs recently died.  

“So, I was kind of familiar with the back story, I went and met him, and he’s adorable, was easy peasy decision to swoop him up.

This is Maier’s 5th adopted senior dog – she says, “Cause they’re so easy.”  

She says, she’s developed a great relationship with the family and vows to keep them updated on Banks’ progress. 

“They felt good about leaving him here, so here he is to enjoy the rest of his life in Eureka,” she said.

The County Animal Shelter says, senior cats or dogs make great pets and often come with lower adoption fees. For more information click here.