Centro Del Pueblo marches against detention centers

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)- Centro Del Pueblo hosted a march against genocidal practices against undocumented women in detention centers earlier this week.

Many members of the community joined the march to shine a light on the subject.

The march made its way towards Woodley Island in Eureka where they gathered to mourn the lives of the women who have died in these detention centers and for those women who are currently there.

Centro Del Pueblo’s goal was to bring awareness to the things that are happening in detention centers and also to send a message to the women that are there. 

“Sisters we are here. We thought of you. We are with you and no matter what distance, we are connected by the fact that we are the same,” said Brenda Perez, a member of Centro Del Pueblo. “We are immigrants and we are same color of skin and regardless of color of skin, we are all human and no human is illegal. So, I think that all came together very nicely.”

Perez knows that these things may not be happening in our county but they are affecting people in California.