Evacuation warning for Southern Humboldt, Ruth Lake under Evacuation orders


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-Evacuation warnings have been issued Sunday for areas of Southern Humboldt County impacted by the August Complex Fire.

An evacuation warning has been issued for community areas east of Alderpoint Road to the Trinity County border and South of Showers Pass Road to Mountain Creek – due to rapidly evolving wildfire conditions related to the August Complex North Zone.

Areas East of Bell Springs Road to the Trinity County border and South of Pipe Creek to the Mendocino County border – is also under an evacuation warning. However, that warning is related to The August Complex West Zone.

An evacuation warning means there is potential threat to life and property.

Residents should prepare for potential evacuations, including packing a-go bag with personal supplies and arranging overnight accommodations.

The complex as a whole has burned more than 873,000 acres and remains 43% contained.

What was once a warning for those on the West side of Ruth Lake – is now an evacuation order.

The U.S. Forest service is urging those in that area to travel north to highway 36 and should continue on to the west on Highway 36 to evacuate out of the area.

According to the Forest Service, East winds is pushing the fire to the West towards Ruth Lake, and with the winds coupled with the relative humidity – a large column  formed and was pushed by winds – resulting in ember wash – which prompted the evacuation order for this area.

For fire information call: (530) 628-0039, the American Red Cross can be reached at: (530) 276-8034.