State funding allows for free COVID-19 testing

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) – As schools prepare for more in-person learning, COVID-19 testing is a growing concern. Deputy Health Officer Dr. Josh Ennis said to the best of his knowledge, the California Department of Education is not providing funds for testing.

While there is no funding, there is a way to utilize free testing at the OptumServe testing site at Redwood Acres. Dr. Ennis explained where the funding comes from to make this possible.

“So the OptumServe site is subsidized by the state, so it is California taxpayers who are paying for operations and test supplies and testing of anyone who goes through the OptumServe site,” Ennis said, “They will bill insurance to make the operations more financially sustainable but they will not place any co-payments on any individual seeking care there so its coming from the state.”