Local Food Guide finds a new home

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) – A local non-profit organization is handing one of its annual projects over to another organization with the same goal: strengthening the local food system.

“It has been a way for the community to find the resources they might want to use if they want to move toward a local food system and support that,” Locally Delicious President Ann Anderson said.

For the group of seniors than run Locally Delicious, the Local Food Guide has become a lot of work.

Therefore, Cooperation Humboldt will operate the guide beginning with the 2021 edition.

The guide acts as a resource to community members, local restaurants and community gardens as they utilize local produce.

It also features articles on the food economy as well as the North Coast’s environment.

As Cooperation Humboldt takes over, they plan to add food resources for low-income residents, focus on indigenous food sovereignty and more.

“[Cooperation Humboldt’s] goal is to strengthen all levels and all aspects of our local food system,” Tamara McFarland, Cooperation Humboldt’s Food Program Coordinator said. “From home production all the way up to more industrial scale and all the levels in between.”

Cooperation Humboldt welcomes all sponsors and volunteers for the 2021 Local Food Guide. For more information or to contact the team, visit https://cooperationhumboldt.com/

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