Ballot Counting Accuracy Testing


EUREKA Calif. (KIEM) – The Humboldt County Office of Elections on Friday, carried out accuracy testing on its ballot counting equipment.

Juan Cervantes, Election Specialist for the Humboldt County Office of Elections says:

“Between elections we wipe all of the computers in their entirety, down to the operating system and have a fresh one that we remove from the safe (and) installed on there. That’s one we get from the secretary of state directly. In addition to that none of the machines are connected to the internet nor do they interface with anything that’s connected to the internet.”

The Office of Elections would like to have complete transparency with the public and invited Redwood News into the scanning and tabulation cage to watch the logic and accuracy testing.

Two volunteer accuracy and program verification observers, Gena Eichenberg and Blair Angus hand checked the ballot scanner and the central scanning machine which counts mail in ballots and the tabulation center after the reports where produced and printed out.

“We were successful. We had a couple of minor issues on the expected report, but the ballot process was perfect.” says Angus

It’s very important to get your ballot in early. The Presidential General Election is Tuesday, November 3rd. Election night reports will include all mail in ballots that have been processed before Election Day and ballots filled out at voter assistance centers.

There will be 9 voter assistance centers throughout Humboldt County which will be open starting October 31st. For list of ballot drop box locations and voter assistance centers and hour of operation, click HERE.