HACHR gains state reauthorization for SEP countywide, excluding City of Eureka


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) — The Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction, also known as HACHR, has gained reauthorization for the next 2 years from the California Department of Public Health. It covers syringe exchange program services countywide with one exception, the City of Eureka.

“The reason that that exclusion is there so that Eureka and HACHR can work on a relationship that is more consensual or collegial more informed going forward by what the needs are together as a solid front,” Executive Director Lasara Firefox Allen says.

The organization can continue operating its mobile locations along with home delivery and pickup services across the county and will be under the state’s jurisdiction.

In order for HACHR to operate within Eureka city limits, they must comply with all city rules and regulations regarding syringe exchange programs.

“We decided that it was a good idea for us to create a situation where there was a lot more clarity over who had jurisdiction within the city of Eureka,” Allen says.

According to Allen, HACHR is in compliance with the city’s current ordinance and there are open lines of communication between HACHR and city officials.

“I have ongoing communication with Miles Slattery and many of the City Council members. I’ve been in touch with Mayor Susan Seamen and Dr. Frankovich,” according to Allen.

While there has been a fair share of opposition to HACHR’s reauthorization, there has also been support from the community.

“We’re so grateful for the amount of community support that we had from community leaders are partners from law-enforcement in the area we have support from people that we didn’t know supported us,” Allen says.

Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman confirms to Redwood News that as of their last report, HACHR is in compliance with the city’s ordinance. She adds the city is now able to hold HACHR accountable and make sure they are following all regulations.