California State Parks warn locals & tourists stay vigilant, Mountain lions have been spotted in area


TRINIDAD, Calif. (KIEM)-Those planning to venture out to College Cove in Trinidad, may want to be extra vigilant.

Signs posted throughout the recreation area warn visitors – mountain lions have been seen in the vicinity.

Those who visit should be vigilant, and “maintain constant supervision of children and pets,” mountain lions are also known as cougars, panthers or pumas.

They’re considered the largest of the small cat species, according to California State Parks, and prefer to prey on deer, or eat pets, rabbits and livestock.

If you come face-to-face with the large feline – don’t run away, stand tall and never turn your back on a wild cat such as a mountain lion.

California parks advise to back away slowly if able without falling, and if attacked, fight back with all your might.

Contact Environmental Scientist Carol Wilson to report any and all mountain lion sightings at the phone number (707) 845-5782 or by email at