Dr. Ennis compares COVID-19 projections to reality

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) – In April, public health officials released projections regarding COVID-19 numbers. When asked if those models are still relevant, Deputy Health Officer Dr. Josh Ennis said the answer is not so simple.

After six months, the county has seen many developments that have altered the course of the pandemic. Testing has increased, supply chains have been restored, personal protective equipment caches have been replenished, and COVID-19 treatments have advanced.

Dr. Ennis said some parts of the projections are now outdated as a result. While there have been improvements, he said there is no reason to stop behaving safely.

“So we are in a very different position,” Ennis said, “So, in a lot of ways it is very irrelevant. It is outdated. But, what is still very relevant, and the reason we presented those two different scenarios, was to illustrate the concept that if it gets away from you, it can get away from you in a really bad way, and it can accelerate really quickly and very quickly overwhelm the health care system. That is still true.”