Tsunami virtual fair kicks of this week


HUMBODLT CONTY, Calif. (KIEM)-This week kicks off the Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group’s virtual fair.

Dr. Lori Dengler is a geologist, and a professor at Humboldt State University, she says, the fair is a great way to inform the public about earthquake and tsunami hazards on the North Coast.

It’s also a great way to be informed on what you can do, now, to keep your family safe.

“You can learn about the Tsunami hazards for our area, number two, what’s shaking right now,” Dengler said. “And please take your kids to visit the kids’ corner.

“If you have questions, fire away,” she said. “Most important talk to your friends and family about what you can do make all of you safe.”

Dengler says, the fair will continue indefinitely, for links to the virtual fair click here.