Northern California Blood Bank looking for donations, still low on O-negative

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) — Earlier this week, the Northern California Community Blood Bank put out a call asking for donations after a number of trauma cases happened in the same day.

They were in critical need of type O blood, and the blood bank saw a tremendous response from community members over the last few days. NCCBB is still low on O-negative blood, but are always looking for all blood types in order to keep their supply stocked.

“We’d love to see them today, but we’d love to see them next week and the week after and next month. We’re constantly maintaining the inventory, so every day, every week we need folks to come in and donate even if there isn’t a crisis. That’s how we avert crisises by being prepared and by having donations constantly,” Director of Donor Resources John Gullam says.

Some of the blood bank’s eligibility requirements have changed. For more information you can visit