August Complex no longer under red flag, Fire now 80% contained


HUMBODTL COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-The August Complex Fire is no longer under a red flag warning,

The Trinity County Sheriff downgraded the Forest Glenn area from an evacuation order to an evacuation warning. 

Additional modifications to evacuation status have been made – a link at redwood news dot-t-v will have current evacuation information.

Crews continue working in the area of Ruth Lake to evaluate repairs, while PG&E work to repair power lines in the area around Ruth Lake, once that’s done -residents should be allowed to return home.

Operation Chief Jason Clawson is working the August Complex South Zone.

“We’ll start moving folks up to the north and over to the southeast and eastside of the fire, and continue with suppression repair,” he said “Up in Division Ciera, this is the only location that we still have a little bit of unchecked fire perimeter, by Sunday, tomorrow end of shift, we should have all that complete.”

The fire is now 1,032,264 acres and is now 80% contained.

For more information, including closures click here.