Long time volunteer continues to serve the Voter Assistance Centers

Humboldt County, Calif. (KIEM) The Humboldt County of Elections Center is also a Voters Assistance Center and is where a long time volunteer comes year after year. This year marks her 10th year volunteering. 

Donna Hauser Started as a Poll Worker at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church and then volunteered at Humboldt State University, which had some of the biggest turnouts in Humboldt County. 

Donna says she started doing this because she enjoyed helping out the community and knows how important it is. She says it has been amazing to witness how different it has become with new instructions this year. 

Volunteers screen ballots by flattening them out and making sure there is nothing on it to keep the machine from counting it. 

According to Donna, volunteers see about 40,000 ballots each year, but with this outstanding year, the county has already surpassed that number. 

Despite the security measures the country is taking, Dana says she is not concerned for her safety during this election. 

Donna says, “Not so far really. It got a little noisy with the Southern Humboldt parade, but it was just loud, but there was nothing threatening about it really.”

With the large voter outcome, Donna encourages the community to stay patient while all the voters are being counted.