Del Norte County Final Election Night Report

DEL NORTE COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) – The final election night report for the County of Del Norte have been released by the Office of Elections at 9:46pm.

District 2 Board of Supervisors – Run Off

Lori Cowan 42.02%
Valerie Starkey 57.64%

Del Norte Measures

Yes %No %
RCounty of Del Norte Unincorporated Voters1% sales tax increase to maintain vital county services.50.10%49.91%
SCounty of Del Norte Unincorporated VotersOne cent sales tax. $1.3 million locally controlled funding for city services.66.17%33.82%

School Board Trustee Area 3

Sherry Jones Steinruck  36.45%
Francisco Magarino  35.43%
William Land Hartwick  28.05%

Redwood Community College district Trustee Area 7

Sally Biggin 59.03%
Stephen Burbank 40.68%

Crescent City Council City Council Member (Vote3)

Jason William Greenough 22.70%
Hugh Alexander Campbell 20.92%
Raymond Bill Altman 17.72%
Beau Burdette Smith 16.97%
Herman Leo Rinkel Jr. 13.58%
Eric Alexander Gill Port 8.03%