Demonstrators gather at the Humboldt County Courthouse to demand all votes be counted

With votes still being counted in some states, Humboldt County residents held a Count Your Vote demonstration at the Humboldt County Courthouse this evening.  

According to Union Organizer, Mario Fernandez, the demonstration was organized about 3 weeks ago when Trump said he would declare victory on Election Day.  

The demonstration included a variety of different guest speakers from Humboldt County and poetry at the end of the demonstration.  

Their goal is to protect the results regardless of who wins the election.  

Fernandez said, “The purpose is to protect the results. It is about election integrity. The idea is that neither candidates should be declaring victory until there is a preponderance of votes or ballots counted. In California and other states it could take weeks.

Fernandez encourages the community to stay patient while ballots are still being counted.