Tips to keep you home warm and safe this winter

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Ca. (KIEM )House hold fires can be caused when flammable items are placed on top of a floor heater – which can be a common mistake this time of year.

Additional ways to avoid a heater-related fire is to avoid placing floor coverings, clothes or furniture over floor furnaces or in front of a wall heater.

Move flammable items away from any types of heaters.

After a long break, have your furnace cleaned and serviced to ensure safety and efficient operation.

PG&E has some helpful tips to save on your winter heating and electric bills and reduce your energy use.

Keep the thermostat temperatures under 68 degrees when you are at home and

Use a space heater to warm the room you are in rather than the entire house.

Make sure to turn off heaters when you leave the room.