Two men arrested after reported assault and robbery in Southern Humboldt

HONEYDEW, Calif. (KIEM) — Two men are in jail after a reported assault and robbery in Southern Humboldt.

On Sunday afternoon, Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were called out to the 6700 block of Wilder Ridge Road near Honeydew. A 51-year-old woman told deputies she was sitting in her car outside her home. A known associate, 51-year-old Carey Josh Hargesheimer, approached her and reportedly forced her from the car and began to physically assault her.

During this time, two other men known to the victim arrived. The three suspects continued to assault the victim, then took off with the woman’s keys and cell phone.

58-year-old Blaise Adrian Levesque was seen leaving a property on the 13,400 block of Briceland-Thorn Road in Whitethorn. Marijuana, a cell phone believed to belong to the victim, and other items connecting him to the assault were found inside his car. Hargesheimer was also seen leaving the property. Keys believed to be stolen from the victim were found inside his vehicle.

Both Hargesheimer and Levesque are facing charges for assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and other charges. A third suspect is still on the loose.