Hoopa Valley Tribe monitoring 3 active Covid-19 cases

HOOPA, Calif. (KIEM) — The Hoopa Valley Tribe is monitoring 3 cases of Covid-19 after more than 2 weeks of having 0 new cases on the reservation.

Looking at the current numbers as of Friday afternoon, 61 total cases have been confirmed with 58 recoveries and 3 active cases.

According to the Hoopa Valley Office of Emergency Services, traveling outside the area and close contact with those outside people’s immediate household remain the biggest challenges. Hoopa OES also strongly advises against any travel to Humboldt or other neighboring counties that have reported a surge in cases. Officials are once again urging residents to stay home, wear a face mask, and practice social distancing.

For those issued a quarantine code by the K’ima:w Medical center, support services are available through Hoopa OES.