Aggressive Door-To-Door Salesmen Disturb Locals

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – The Eureka police department is warning people to not interact with suspicious strangers after complaints about aggressive door-to-door salesmen.

Last night, energy salesmen were knocking on people’s doors. When people answered their doors, they were asked to show their electricity, gas, and water bills. 

One Eureka resident recounts, “it was a little suspicious at first… I didn’t really know why someone from PG&E would be knocking at my door…” and said that they even went as far as waiting at their doorstep until their information was handed to them. 

The salesmen also asked one woman to see her computer and she said, “they said, ‘well we have to have this’ and I said, ‘well you’re not going to get it from me’…and they said, ‘well we’ll be back’…I was a little bit frightened and frustrated by the whole scenario…they didn’t seem legitimate and I didn’t like being harassed.” 

Upon further investigation, the police reported that the salesmen were using PG&E documents but were actually from a third-party energy company. 

Bolt energy later confirmed that they had third party salesmen in the area that day. However, they did not have a business license. 

The Eureka police department wants to encourage everyone to be careful, alert when strangers come knocking on your door and research a company before signing up for their services.

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