Project Eureka Beautifies the City

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – A new organization launched in Eureka a couple weeks ago and its goal is to focus on beautifying the city.

Project Eureka is a community led organization that started earlier this summer. They believe that making the city prettier will build neighborhood pride to revitalize the community.

It is a project to make community members feel more involved by coming together. They are currently working on fundraising and raising community awareness so that they can get their hands dirty in the spring.

Project Eureka’s Organizer, Jenna Catsos, says, “We understand that beautification is really at the heart of a lot of other issues and if you beautify an area, you will help retain and attract new businesses, will help increase property values, will give people something to be proud of and we think that’s all things that could really help Eureka right now.”

If you want to help join the efforts to beautify Eureka, you can volunteer, learn more about their projects, or donate at

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