Local kids receive donated gifts today, part of local association’s Christmas initiative


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-The City of Eureka is getting into the spirit of giving.

The Eureka City Employee Association – used money from their employee fund to help bring a little happiness to kids – part of the big brothers big sisters program.

Not only will local children benefit from the association’s first Christmas initiative – so will local businesses.

Executive Director Florence Parks with Big Brothers Big Sisters of The North Coast says – this year’s been especially difficult for their “littles”

“I know that this is going to bring smile and joy to so many of our kids,” she said. “We know what a year it’s been with the pandemic, and jobs being lost.” 

Acting President and VP Elect Chris Armstrong Eureka City Employees Association says, he’s happy he can help bring excitement to a local kids in the community.

“So we have presents for all 61 little’s that Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast currently have,” he said.

New, unused and unwrapped gifts were collected through December 11th – today was the day to deliver.

“It’s a good feeling to be able to provide for somebody else that doesn’t have, or may not have had have an enjoyable holiday season,” said Armstrong.

Monetary donations went toward the purchase of a gift – rather than shop at a big box store – staff opted to shop local. 

Eureka City Employees Associations secretary Kristin Galt was one of the shoppers.

“Business owners, local business owners were super helpful in helping me find just the right gift for all the different age ranges,” she said.

Galt says, local vendors reduced their ticket prices on gifts she purchased.

“Once they knew the cause, and they knew what I was doing, they were more than happy to give us a generous discount,” she said “We love keeping the money here in the city.”

Parks says, the families on the receiving end are more grateful than ever.

“The kids are going to have a wonderful Christmas, thanks you so much to Eureka City Employees Association,” she said.

The association says, the event was a success – they hope to do it again next year.