Law officials, tow companies urge motorists to stay safe on roads during winter months


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- With the winter season in full swing law officials and tow truck companies ask motorists to take extra time and be cautious while on the roads.

They say, emergency preparedness is important – especially for stranded motorists left out in the cold.

Before heading out check the weather forecast and road conditions – if chains are required pack them in vehicle.

It’s always good to have a winter weather emergency kit and be sure the gas tank stays full.

Slowdown, and allow enough time to drive to get to your destinations.

In low visibility, experts say, it’s always good practice to use your hazard lights

Turn off cruise control, watch for black ice, and if your vehicle starts to slide – stay calm – and do not hit the brakes.

Owner of Humboldt Towing Wanda Hoffman says, it the roads can be treacherous during this time of year.

“Well, the snow would be up on [SR]299, people go up there on [SR]36, they should always have chains on if they’re going up in the snow,” she said. “If it gets down to freezing, they should watch for black ice, that’s a big thing.”

“You know, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a water, a blanket, if you get stuck in the snow and you’re waiting for a tow truck, probably wouldn’t be good to sit in a truck, cold.”

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