Vandalism at the Democratic Headquarters in Eureka Amidst Protests in Capitol Hill and the Humboldt County Courthouse

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – Yesterday, around the same time protests were going on at the nation’s capital and the Humboldt county courthouse, the democratic headquarters in Eureka was vandalized.

The Eureka police department received a call around noon reporting that the window appeared to be broken.

Officers responded and confirmed that someone had broken into the building. A few of the items inside were vandalized.

However, there was no surveillance video or alarms and no suspects have been identified. 

The Eureka Police Department says, “A word of advice for all residents and businesses: clear interior and exterior surveillance camera systems are extremely helpful in solving crimes.”

Anyone with suspect information is asked to call the Eureka police department at 707-441-4060.