Major fentanyl bust

Courtney Garret, Brian Adams, Roscoe Reidel

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Ca. (KIEM) – The Humboldt County Drug Task Force says it’s made its biggest fentanyl bust in its history.

Officials say 45 year old, Roscoe Reidel of Eureka, 37 year old Brian Adams of Eureka, and 31 Year Old Courtney Garrett of Eureka are all in the Humboldt County Jail after a traffic stop early this morning on Highway 101 at the Pepperwood Drive Exit.

Inside their vehicle, officers found a quarter pound of fentanyl with a street value of more than $22,000 dollars. 

The Task Force had been investigating Reidel for selling fentanyl in Humboldt County since last month.

Last year, there were 11 overdose deaths associated with fentanyl in Humboldt County.