Resolution calls for more localized Covid-19 restrictions, Public Health says no plan to deviate from tier system


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — A resolution calling for more locally-based Covid-19 restrictions was discussed at Tuesday morning’s Humboldt County Board of Supervisor’s meeting. Leaving the question, what would it take for the County to stray from the State’s guidance?

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, Humboldt County has closely followed the State’s guidance when it comes to reopening. According to County Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman, there is no plan to loosen restrictions. The only way we would deviate from the state’s guidance is if local conditions worsen and more steps need to be taken.

“If we see a message locally that looks like it should be more restrictive, talk to our leaders and see if there’s an appetite for a stronger health order versus just recommendations, just like we did recently. I think those would be the only plans we have to deviate from the tier system at this time,” Hoffman says.

Tuesday morning, 1st District Supervisor Rex Bohn introduced the Healthy Communities Resolution, which essentially calls for more localized Covid-19 restrictions. It also emphasizes schools reopening and getting back to in-person instruction. The resolution was ultimately pulled from the agenda.

“I will still support our president and governor on getting the schools open as quick as possible. And I want to see the teachers get vaccinated as soon as possible, especially the teachers that are in school now,” Bohn says.

On a more local level, the resolution also calls for restrictions based on geographic areas, such as zip codes. Hoffman says that isn’t feasible for our area.

“The way that people move about in our community is not only within their zip code, zip codes are quite small areas,” Hoffman says.

Hoffman adds that Public Health sees value in the statewide guidance and will continue to follow that approach.