Local high school student’s talent lands him on national stage


CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (KIEM)- Andre Pamplona Da Silva – who is just shy of his 18th birthday, has already accomplished so much.

He has mastered the violin, trumpet, oboe, and piano, but the instrument that nabbed him the National Association for Music Education 2020 All-National Honor Ensembles, is his voice.

And his parents, Maria and Joa silva, could not be prouder.

“Lay the foundation for all their dreams and their hopes and then it’s up to them, you know, to put the roof on it,” said Maria.   

“Yes, we support him, yes, we believe in him, but the drive is just him,” said Joa.

Da Silva will be one of 241- vocalists in an ensemble comprised of about 550 high school students from across the country – who will take part in the first virtual event.

Da silva says, getting to this level takes a lot of work, and a lot of sacrifice.

“So, total like five to seven hours of playing instruments and singing, a day,” said Da Silva.   

After being invited to perform on the state level musicians and vocalists had to audition for a spot to perform with the prestigious group. 

“They pick top scores, and the people who did the best recorded audition,” he said.

Each ensemble plans to create a final, recorded performance on January 22 – that will then be edited and finalized to premier online in March. 

Da Silva talents also scored him a spot at Berklee College in Boston – the largest independent institute of contemporary music in the world.

“My best advice would be, sometimes you just have to do things because in the end you might only one shot at it,” he said.

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