Top local law officials on high alert, extra staff on hand amid FBI memo


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-Authorities in all 50 states on alert – this after the FBI warn violent protests could be seen across the country leading up to Inauguration Day.

Redwood News reached out to top local law officials, who would not give details about what the memo read, but they did say they’re concerned.

“We are in contact with the FBI we are aware of threats that are occurring throughout the nation,” said Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal.

One of those threats are planned armed protests at different capitols across the country, according to Honsal.

“So, we are aware of that and so we are preparing for inauguration day,” he said.

“It’s discussion, I think everybody is talking about it, I think everybody is concerned,” said Del Norte County Sheriff Erik Apperson.

Also concerned, North Coast Representative Jared Huffman.

“The intelligence suggests that threats of violence are not going to be limited to the state Capitol,” he said.

Huffman says everyone should stay on alert.

“This is a serious time, and we need to take it seriously,” he said.  

Local officials say, they will continue to receive real time information from the FBI – are ready to respond.

“We are diligent out there right now and were doing our best to remain visible,” said Honsal.

Apperson says, he’s been fortunate – Del Norte County has had their fair share of protests – but never violent.

However – if community members see something – they are encouraged to say something.

“And for folks that have it their minds to cause property damage or be a major disruption, I would caution against that, it’s not going to be tolerated and we will react. Both sheriff departments tell Redwood News, they are fully staffed and ready to respond accordingly.

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