Problem property in Eureka vacated and shuttered after neighbor complaints


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) — A home is vacated and shuttered after City of Eureka code enforcement and the problem oriented police unit served an inspection and abatement warrant.

The home at 204 West Hawthorne has been the site of over 57 calls to EPD about drug activity and criminal behavior, according to the city. There were also complaints for garbage and rat infestations.

The home was also at the center of a long-running lawsuit filed by the city in 2011 that was recently dismissed. It was on code enforcement’s radar even before then.

The property was served an inspection and abatement warrant. Then the home was vacated and secured against entry due to unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Utilities were also shut off.

“The property has actually recently changed hands, and we have spoken with the new property owner who has indicated his willingness to work with the City to rehabilitate it. We’re glad that we got someone responsible to help the neighborhood and the City take care of that property,” according to Eureka Public Works Director Brian Gerving.

The City thanks neighbors in the area for monitoring and reporting conditions, as well as their patience.