SWAT responds to domestic disturbance, suspect arrested charged with attempted murder


WESTHAVEN, Calif. (KIEM)-It was a scary situation for Westhaven residents, after police say a man fired multiple shots outside of a residence on Westhaven Drive.

A multi-agency response, this morning on the 800-block of South Westhaven drive after police say man arrived at the home – and reportedly threatened a 35-year-old man with a firearm, then shot at the victim’s car.

Public Information Specialist Samantha Karges says there were five adults involved in the incident and a child inside.

“There were three inside of the residence, the suspect, which is number four, and there was a fifth individual who also is, the main victim,” she said.    

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A disturbance call and shots fired, reported to 9-1-1 dispatch Tuesday at about 10 a.m.

“And just at that same time the victim happened to pull up,” she said.

The victim was not injured, however three people involved with the incident – inside the home, with a child, refusing to comply with deputies’ order, prompting a response from Humboldt County’s SWAT Team.

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Eventually the three adults complied, the 4th suspect was later spotted, about 10 minutes away, by a concerned citizen who knew he was wanted by police.

“A citizen called 911 because he noticed that the suspect matched the description,” she said.  

The man now, identified as Walter Wayne Wright was located and arrested on the 5200-block of Dows Prairie Road in McKinleyville and will face charges. 

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“It’s likely going to be something like assault with a deadly weapon, some sort of assault charges,” said Karges.

Wright is now in the Humboldt County Detention Center on attempted murder charges, according to the sheriff’s office.