Sheriff’s office wants new K9 deputy renamed with public input


CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (KIEM)-The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office’s new K-9 deputy, needs a new name, and they want the community’s input.

The department is polling the public through their social media page, those interested can send a message and it will be considered in the next couple weeks.

The agency will reach out to the person who suggests the winning name, they will receive certificate of appreciation, a challenge coin, and best of all, an arranged a special meeting with the new K9-deputy.

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The department is renaming their newly purchased dog “Panzer” because the name often has a negative connotation, according to Sheriff Erik Apperson.

“When we talk about the sort of perception that’s associated with it, I get it, when you look up the name “Panzer” the definition is more armor based than anything, but it also happens to be the name of tank during a specific period in history and people have a negative association with that,” he said, “We love to get community feedback, because it’s their dog.”

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Trainers told Apperson because the name is relatively new, changing it won’t be an issue for the K-9 deputy.

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