Parents and students rally for in-person learning in McKinleyville

On Tuesday evening, a group of students and parents gathered in front of the McKinlleyville High School for a peaceful rally to get students back to the classrooms.

Parents and students held signs to get the attention of community members and school district members in hopes to reopen the school campus for in-person learning.

Parent Jamie Dobrec says, “Our kids are struggling. They are struggling mentally and physically. Some kids are depressed and some who will not get out of bed. My kid is one of them and I decided to do something.”

Parents say there are safety precautions to take to make this the safest reopening plan possible with the help of the school district.

Parent Erin Bolton says face shields and social distancing will need to talk place to reopen safely. She says the school and board members can come up with a plan to make this all happen.

Students who were in attendance are eager and ready to be back with their teachers and peers and hope school board members can jump on board.

Redwood News reached out to the school district for a response and we are still waiting to hear back.