Large pine tree crashes down on garage and two sheds narrowly missing home, no injuries


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-The owners of a Eureka home are relieved no one was hurt, after a large tree snapped in half nearly missing their home.

At about 11 o’clock Thursday morning, Gerald Wolff heard a loud crash coming from the alley, he went to investigate and found part of a tree on one of his sheds.

The owner of Henson’s Lawn and Garden Service came out about an hour later to cut-up the nearly 50-foot, 40-year mature pine tree.

He says the whole tree will have to come down, which will take a few hours.

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Wolff says, he’s been meaning to get the tree removed for some time.

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“Last week I was worried the tree was blowing hard and the tree was whipping around, I thought,” he said. “I recommend you don’t let them get too big, they can do a lot of damage, I’m just really lucky it didn’t hit the house. I mean it broke down two sheds and part of my garage, but I guess I just got lucky, I guess.” 

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The alley behind Buhne Street, between K and L streets is blocked-off until the clean-up is complete.