The City of Arcata offers outdoor walking groups in Spanish


ARCATA, Calif. (KIEM)- In January, the City of Arcata started offering free socially distant outdoor parent groups for new parents and caregivers. This month, they have added a group for Spanish speaking parents as well

With funding from First 5 Humboldt, the recreation division for the City of Arcata started offering outdoor walks for parents of age’s newborn to five years old through a program called play center.

The program started off with two English walking groups, but there were some Spanish speaking families that wanted to participate as well.

“Somebody contacted them asking if they had any Spanish speaking group leaders because they are people who want to go, but they don’t speak English,” said Naomy Nevarez, a Program Supervisor for the Arcata Play Center. “So, they didn’t have anybody and so they reached out to me.”     

The purpose of these walks are to help young children develop their physical and mental health and give new parents a support system and provide them resources that they may need.

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Nevarez says that the Spanish group was very important to add because it’s not always so easy to find a support system, especially when you don’t speak the language.

“There’s a really big need in Humboldt for programs directed to the Latino community, to the Spanish-speaking community because there is just not enough,” said Nevarez.    

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These walks are socially distanced and only allow 5 families and their infants.

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If you want to participate in these walking groups click here and If want to participate in the Spanish walking group you can contact Nevarez at (323) 781-6082

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